Special Projects
Linda Bujoli / Un Tableau pour Rêver

Valerie Martinez Agency supports Linda Bujoli’s new performative project. « Un Tableau Pour Rêver » involves the participation of the viewing public, invited to arrange as they wish, some square images, seen as windows onto the world, in a unique experience of contemplation .

The artist can adapt this concept for a special event or a specific theme.

Linda Bujoli experiments a form of writing with light. She likes to explore its infinite variations and some areas where disciplins overlap. Her prior project « Land Me » , a multi-sensorial work blending music, image and sculpture in collaboration with the group AIR has been exhibited at the Palais des Beaux-Arts de Lille as well as part of the Parcours Saint Germain and at Silencio club in Paris. Currently, she also presents « Call to Light », an artistic display that stages the pratique of photography itself.


Conception, design, & development